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Highlights of Session 2017-18
Rugby North Zone
Recently in Rugby North Zone, organised by Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar (10th to 14th April 2018), Anju, a student of BA IIIrd year, got second postion. It is a matter of pride for the College. The credit of her success goes to her coach Mr Arun Sharma. President Sh Surender Singh Dahiya and Prinicpal Dr Monika Verma & all the staff members welcomed her & congratulated her on this grand success.
BPEd University Toppers
The BPed Students of Tika Ram Girls College Brought laurels to the college by getting 38 positions in the merrit list of MDU. President Sh Surender Singh Dahiya and Principal Dr. Monika Verma congratulated the students on their success. 21 students of BPEd 1st Sem and 17 students of BPEd 3rd sem get place in the merit list.
in BPEd 1st Sem Ritu got first position, Sweeti got 2nd, Nancy got 3rd, Reena got 5th, Karishma got 6th, Nikki got 7th, Nikita and Ekta got 10th, Nidhi got 11th, Sonia and Anjali got 12th, Jyoti got 13th, Nancy got 16th, Rimpi got 17th, Pooja got 21st, Anjali & SUdesh got 23rd, Meenu got 24th, Neelam got 28th, Kamini got 29th and Manju got 30th Position.
In 3rd sem of BPEd Savita got 1st, Rekha got 2nd, Bharti got 3rd, Asha & Komal got 4th, Preeti got 5th, Kajal got 7th, Bharti got 10th, Samiksha got 11th, Nisha got 12th, Varsha got 13th, Kamlesh got 14th, Preeti got 17th, Neha got 19th, Maniha got 21st and Neha got 26th position.
MA Pol Sci University Toppers
The students of MA Pol Sci brought laurels to Tika Ram Girls College by getting 1st, 2nd and 3rd Position in the merit list of MDU. Priyanka got 1st Position, Sakshi got 2nd position, Preeti got 3rd, Bindu got 4th, Riturani got 5th, Kavita and Kiran got 7th, Rekha got 8th, Preeti got 9th, Monika got 10th, Rinki got 14th, Nidhi got 16th, Savita and Shalu got 17th, Sonia got 20th, Poonam got 25th, Ritu got 28th, Babita got 29th, Komal got 34th, Mohini got 35th, Meenu Sharma got 42nd, Jyoti got 45th, and Pooja got 50th position in MA 2nd Sem
In 3rd Sem Priyanka got 7th, Preeti got 13th, Preeti got 16th, Ritu rani and Bindu got 22nd, Sakshi Kadian got 23rs, Poonam got 28th, Rekha got 29th, Diksha got 31st, Manisha got 33rd, Monika got 37th, Shalu got 41st, Kiran and Pinki got 42nd, Nidhi got 43rd position.
In 1st sem Priyanka got 15th, Pooja got 17th, Aarti got 18th, Neelam got 20th, Bhavna got 24th, Dimple got 27th, Asha got 27th, Anjali got 35th, and Preeti got 37th, Priyanka and Pooja got 40th, Neetu got 44th position. President Sh Surender Sigh Dhiya, and Principal Dr Monika Verma congratulated the student on their success.
Six-A-Side Cricket
The students of Tika Ram Girls College got second position in Six- A- Side Cricket Women Competition. Principal dr Monika Verma welcomed the students. The Event was organised on 5th and 6th April in Sports Complex , MDU. The members of team Manju, Chhaya, Shivangi, Savita, Preeti, Nisha, Preeti, Rimpi, Laxmi, Jyoti and NEha played very well. The President of Tika Ram Education Society Sh Surender Singh Dahiya, congratulated the students for their success
Meritorious Students
Msc Physics
1st semester
Kirti got 5th position
Sonai got 19th position
Ravina got 19th position
Sonai got 38th position
Msc Chemistry
Yogita got 37st position in 1st seen
Annu got 10th position in 1st n 2nd seen
Annu got 4th position in 3rd seen
The result of MA Eng 1st and 3rd Semester was declared by MDU in which Komal(1st Sem) got 1st Position and Aarti got 3rd position. Eight students of Tika Ram Girls College got position in the merit list of University. President of Tika Ram Education Society Sh Surender Sight Dahiya and Principal Dr Monika Verma congratulated the students on their success.in the 1st Sem Anjali and Pooja got 4th position, Madhu got 34th and Shweta got 41st Position in merrit list. in 3rd Sem Nakisha got 18th, Malika got 29th & Subhdra got 46th position.
Medals in Sports Tournament
Nidhi and pooja chikara got first position in 35th Senior National Neball tournament.
Rekha got 2nd position in All India American Football tournament held at MDU Rohtak.
University Positions
Students of Tika Ram college got 366 merit position in which 12 students got 1st position in different department.
All India Hockey 2nd Position held at Kurukshetra
All India Kickboxing 3rd Position held at Patiala
All India Cricket 2nd Position held at Jonpur (UP)
Inter College Jumprope 3rd position held at V.V.M Rohtak
Inter college Hopkwando Championship
Students of BPEd participate in Inter college Hopkwando championship and got 3rd position which was held at MDU sports Complex
Savita student of BPEd got Gold Medal in 32nd Senior National Baseball Championship Chattishgard
State Level Inter college competition
Students of Tika Ran PG girls College participated in State Level Inter college competition organized by Arya PG college Panipat that was held on 20th Feb, 2018. In which Aastha BA Eng Hons secured 2nd position in Poetry ( English) and Sarita, Anu, Himanshi, Bharti and Aarti students of BA Eng Hons secured 3rd position in one act play ( English)
Fhagun Mela
The Haryanvi festival (fhagun Mela) was organized by youth welfare Department of MDU Rohtak from 17-19 Feb 2018. In this festival college students took part in 14 events. Our students got position in 8 events. In which our Quiz contest team of two students took part and got 1st position
* Monika B.Com 3rd year
* Priya MA 1st year
In Gilli danda these students got 1st position
* Anju BA 1st year
* Kavita BSc 2nd year
* Jyatsana BA 1st year
* Kiran M.Com 3rd year
* Anjali B.Com(hons) 3rd year
In Dhakosla ( Lia for entertainment)
* Anjali BA 2nd year got 1st position In Apni boli m bol ( Translation)
* Anjali MA Eng 1st year got 2nd position In m bolu tu likh ( Dictation)
* Monika B.Com 2nd year got 3rd position In rassakassi( Tag of war)
* Sonia BA 3 year
* Dimple BA 1st year
* Kunti BA 1st year
* Priyanka BA 2nd year
* Nitu BA 3rd year
* Anju BA 3rd year
* Ekta BA 2nd year
* Preeti BPEd 2nd year
* Savita BPEd 2nd year
* Shabnam BA 1st year
* Sonika BA 3rd year
* Kajal BA 2nd year got 1st position In pitthu
* Jyoti BPEd 1st year
* Nancy BPEd 1st year
* Annu M.Com 3rd year
* Lalita BA 3rd year
* Sangeeta BA 3rd year
* Neelam BA 2nd year
* Manju BA 2nd year
* Shivangi BA 2nd year got 1st position
Woodball team got 2nd position in Inter College MDU University.
1st position in 2016-2017 session awarded Gold Medal in token off in Convocation
Aarti from BA English Hons got 1st position in 2016-2017 session and awarded with Gold Medal in token off in Convocation held on 14 Feb, 2018 at MDU Rohtak
The following students had participated the state level competition on 7 Feb 2018 which was held at Panipat
1: Essay writing competition: * Monika B.com final * Tamanna B.com(hons) final
2: Poetry Recitation * Aastha BA Eng(hons) final
3: Speech * Ruchi B.com(hons) 1st year * Meenakshi BA Eng(hons) 2nd year
 Aastha BA Eng Final Year student of College got 2nd position in State Level Poetry Recitation Competition on 7th Feb 2018 held at Panipat.

National Seminar on Emerging Issues in Commerce
A one-day National Seminar on “National Seminar on Emerging Issues in Commerce, Economics & Management” was organized by commerce Department, at Tika Ram Girls College, Sonepat. The seminar was aimed to discuss the strategic commands which could be implemented by the global as well as domestic business market to compete with the multinational in the wake of liberalized economy. As the Global Economy struggles to overcome the recent Economic Crisis, it is clear that there has to be major overhaul in the traditional thinking in business management. The Integration of Global business markets & Resultant Systematic Risks, International standards and effectiveness of domestic and International Regulatory structure are some of current issues that need to be dealt by both academicians and practitioners. New approaches and policies have to be developed in developing and developed business market alike.Therefore, an attempt was made to find & discuss the emerging issues in commerce, economic and management.
Annual Athletic Meet
The College organized its Annual Athletic Meet. The show was magnificant and the hon'ble chief guest applauded the efforts of Management, Principal, Staff members and Students.Senior educationists eminent personalities attaended the Annual Athletic Meet. Student participated in the event with fully enthusiasm. It was the most glorious moment for the college.
Motivational Workshops, Exhibitions, National Level Seminars

The students are encouraged to take active part in extra-curricular activities in order to develop all around personality. Participation in co-curricular activities is an integral part of the college education. The students are encouraged to take part in various stage items, musical items and literary items etc. In the beginning of the session. College organizes a talent search programme. In the mid of the session, various cultural activities are organized. Every academic year is enriched with several functions.
Guidance to the students in the art of the speech is provided by organizing debates, declamations and poetic recitations etc. Different Societies, clubs & organizations actively function in the college through-out the year and inculcate in students & ethical values.
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